Dana Hobart Newsletter

January 21, 2016


Rancho Mirage´s months-long effort to secure a public vote regarding the CV Link has been accomplished. The following is a brief message from our City Clerk:

"On the April 12, 2016, General Municipal Election ballot, Rancho Mirage voters will consider four Measures related to CV Link, together with arguments pro and con. This will be a "by mail only" election. Complete instructions will be sent you. Ballots will be mailed to registered voters commencing March 14, 2016.

"March 28, 2016, is the last day residents may register to vote. For voter registration information simply telephone the City Clerk´s office: 760-324-4511.

"According to the City Attorney, the four measures under consideration, three are "Advisory" while Measure 1, if passed, will provide legal safeguards which would deny CV Link a route through the city´s business districts and residential communities unless first approved by a vote of Rancho Mirage residents." Cindy Scott.


In discussing the CV Link with members of the public it becomes obvious that much remains vague and uncertain. The confusion is understandable. This is an effort to identify a number of those issues which deserve greater clarity.

CVAG Put the CV Link "Cart Before the Horse"

Golf Carts Not Permitted On CV Link

Cost Of Building CV Link Is Rapidly Rising As Grants Lag

Unsubstantiated Health Benefits Claims

Policy Reversal: O&M Will Require Local Funding

Mr. Kirk Has "Recommended" 5-Cities Carry the O&M Expenses

CVAG Understates Projected O&M Costs

Cities Will Frequently Be Sued

Residential Security Is At Risk

The "Use It Or Lose It" Claim

Of the balance, only $13,689,500 (18% of the total) would likely be lost to the Coachella Valley, and from that figure over $1 million has already been spent on the project.

Please forward this message to friends who live in the Coachella Valley part or full time. It is important that basic facts get a widespread public airing.

If you wish to contact me, please direct your message to: GDanaHobart@aol.com



Dana Hobart
Mayor, Rancho Mirage